Manufacturing processes
  • 01.
    Raw materials
    • Aluminum is one of the most common elements in nature. Recyclable and light, ductile and malleable. Resistant to corrosion and with high thermal and sound electrical conductivity. Highly reflective, magnetic and non-toxic.
  • 02.
    • The foundry is the transformation is the key point where everything starts. The foundry departments of our partners are equipped with melting furnaces that can guarantee the highest quality of the alloy.
  • 03.
    Continuous casting
    • The continuous casting lines are equipped with the latest technology ovens, which allow us to have the aluminum alloy homogeneous throughout all the production phase.
  • 04.
    Hot lamination
    • The next step, after the foundry, is hot rolling. Plates, after being sculped, must go gone to oven in order to be heated for the hot rolling process.
  • 05.
    Cold rolling
    • The mothers coils coming from hot rolling or continuous casting are processed in cold rolling mills to reach the thickness required by the customer.
  • 06.
    Heat treatments
    • During the lamination process, aluminum is subjected to heat treatments. This process is essential to give the material the right properties and mechanical characteristics, in order to be able to proceed correctly in the next production process, based on the customer's needs.
  • 01.
    • Our aluminum discs are used in the most diversified sectors for the production of various types of objects, such as pots, pans, lighting, round boxes, parabolic reflectors, etc.
  • 02.
    • We are able to supply a wide range of aluminum sheets in various sizes and thicknesses, in different types of aluminum alloy.
  • 03.
    • Alumac can supply to our customers, DC casting and CC casting in all types of alloys and in various sizes. Thickness, width and weight of single rolls can be defined from our customers.
  • 04.
    Painted coils
    • Alumac is able to supply painted coils in different alloys and temper. Our coils are used in various sectors: automotive, industrial roofing, insulation panels and body truck.
  • 05.
    • Alumac supplies 5XXX alloy plates in different physical states and for various commercial applications.
  • 06.
    • Thanks to the collaboration with important partners, we are able to provide customer-designed profiles with minimum production lots.
  • 07.
    Aluminium foil
    • Alumac is able to supply aluminum foil coils for different applications, from home application to pharmaceutical application.
  • 08.
    Embossed aluminium
    • Alumac is able to supply aluminum in coils and sheets in order to offer to our customers maximum production flexibility.
  • 09.
    • Il bi-metallo è un processo di unione di metalli diversi. È comunemente ottenuto estrudendo più metalli attraverso uno stampo oppure premendo e arrotolando fogli e bobine insieme ad alta pressione.

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