Aluminium Company

FROM 2014

Aluminium specialist

Alumac has been operating in the aluminum world since 2014.
Over time, Alumac has created important partnerships with the best producers of aluminum semi-finished products around the world in order to obtain the best in production and high quality know-how, in order to guarantee quality and efficiency to its customers.
In this perspective of improvement and to offer an increasingly better service to our customers after Venezuela and Turkey, in 2019 Alumac China was born.

Production facility in Venezuela

Production facility in Turkey

Production facility in China


Aluminum is the youngest of industrial metals, having been produced just over a century ago. In Alumac we believe in the quality and future of aluminum. For us, aluminum means investing in a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

Aluminum is the right metal to use in the most diversified applications and is 100% recyclable. The attention we pay to the environment is the same attention we pay to our customers, offering reliability, professionalism and technical experience to help our customers always achieve their goals.


The continuous search for production partners in the most strategic areas of ​​the world for the production of aluminum product, is always born from the research for quality.

The concept of quality for us is not limited to the finished product, but involves attention in terms of environmental and workplace safety, with particular attention to the well-being and training of personnel.


All our products are related to quality certifications, traceability

and in some specific cases, even to SGS certificates for food contact suitability.