All aluminium processing


Raw Materials

Aluminum is one of the most common elements in nature. Bauxite is the main source of aluminum extraction and it‘s present in 8% of the Earth’s surface.
Recyclable and light, ductile and malleable. Resistant to corrosion and with high thermal and sound electrical conductivity. Highly reflective, magnetic and non-toxic. These characteristics make aluminum a unique element for multiple applications in the industrial field.



The foundry is the transformation is the key point where everything starts. The foundry departments of our partners are equipped with melting furnaces that can guarantee the highest quality of the alloy.
With a production capacity of 1000 tons per day, from 1XXX alloy to 8XXX alloy both in plates and coils, we are able to satisfy all requests that our customers enquiry us.


Continuous Casting

The continuous casting lines are equipped with the latest technology ovens, which allow us to have the aluminum alloy homogeneous throughout all the production phase.
These plants are capable of producing 15,000 tons per month, in the main 1XXX, 3XXX, 8XXX alloy.


Hot Lamination

The next step, after the foundry, is hot rolling. Plates, after being sculped, must go gone to oven in order to be heated for the hot rolling process. In this phase we produce mother coils.
The mother coils can have thicknesses of 8 mm or 6.5 mm, with a maximum width up to 2300 mm.


Cold Rolling

The mothers coils coming from hot rolling or continuous casting are processed in cold rolling mills to reach the thickness required by the customer.
Once the required thickness is reach, all our coils undergo – in addition to a chemical, physical and mechanical control – also a visual inspection, in order to detect any surface defects.


Heat Treatments

During the lamination process, aluminum is subjected to heat treatments. This process is essential to give the material the right properties and mechanical characteristics, in order to be able to proceed correctly in the next production process, based on the customer’s needs.